kickboxing class

Seriously, this class is an addiction. The energy that Chris generates is contagious! and its being proven, by the increasing #'s of students..means he's doing it right!! WooHOO!!
--Jackie, cardio-kickboxing

My husband tells me I'm not so grouchy all day if I go to morning kickboxing. Plus, I've lost 4% body fat and made some great friends.
--Kari, cardio-kickboxing



Many people think martial arts is just about fighting. Nothing could be farther from the truth at UMA. We strive to develop the whole person and the best way to convey that is to let others tell you themselves. Below are letters given to Mr. Rangel by several of his students as well as online posts. Read these and decide for yourself if UMA is what you are looking for.

Your workouts not only got me in shape, but also gave me a base for our pre-season conditioning. I not only noticed a difference in my condition, but also in court awareness, and being more agile. By the constant movement in your workouts I became more aware of what was going on around me, and my timing of certain situations became much better. I also noticed a big difference in my strength. Coming into the basketball season I had more strength than those around me, and endured our workouts with more ease than others. Your workouts along with other exercises also gave me a base for my vertical, which has now improved a lot. There was just an overall increase in my physical capabilities. Thank you for your concern for our spiritual, mental, and physical growth. My growth in these areas has helped me handle the struggles I face."
--Ryan Douvier, college basketball player

This summer I met someone who has made a huge difference in my life. This man has helped my family and me through some really hard times. He has been an amazing instructor and a special friend. I have learned a lot of fun things in his classes and even self defense from him, so I will be able to protect myself if I need to. Mr. Rangel also introduced me to a much closer walk with God than I have had in the past. I keep God closer to me now because of Mr. Rangel's example. I am very thankful to have met you this summer and had the chance to learn from you. I can't wait until my next practice!!"
--Carmody, age 16

Thank you for everything you have done for me. You have made such a big difference in my life that I look in the mirror and see a stronger, better me. I also thank you for being there for me when I needed you most and for building my confidence up SO much from what it used to be. I hope that if someday you need my help, you know I will be there for you.
--Devin, age 12