General Information


The only patches required on the uniform are the West Coast official school patch and the United States flag. Placement of the patch is on the front top left of the uniform top (next to your name). The U.S. flag patch should be on the right upper arm of your uniform sleeve, under the seam.


Sparring is allowed once you reach the rank of Gold Belt or Gold Dragon Belt, and is required curriculum for Green Belt and Green Dragon and up. Due to mandatory insurance regulations, all students who attend sparring class must have feet gear, hand gear, chest protector, headgear, groin cup, mouth piece and shin pads. Due to random sparring days, we require every student to bring all necessary equipment to each class. This includes sparring equipment, boxing gloves and escrima sticks. Equipment is available at the school pro shop. Label all your gear after purchase; all gear looks the same and is very easy to lose or misplace. The school is not responsible for lost, misplaced or stolen equipment.

Special Events

Throughout the year, Ultimate Martial Arts will hold numerous events. These include demonstrations, birthday parties, tournaments and more! Check out the board at the school for upcoming events.

Vacation and Extended Absences

If you miss class for vacation or illness for a period of one week or more, please notify Mr. Rangel. Time you miss can then be added to the end of yoru program, however your payment will continue as scheduled on your agreement.